Richmond Road, Shirley

Our task was to transform a space that was rarely used into an enjoyable place to relax and entertain.503

The Challenge

Design and build a contemporary garden for a hard working professional. Our brief was to keep maintenance to a minimum, so they could enjoy the garden with little work involved. Being a sloping garden, and long and thin, careful planning had to be considered when dividing levels. Our customer had acute hayfever so the plans were designed accordingly.p1000478

The Process

The initial stages involved clearing the area and obtaining the different levels using reclaimed sleepers. The hard surfaces were constructed using paving slabs and a decorative stone covering. A concrete hard-stand was then built for the shed to sit on. p1000473

The Result

The finished outcome was a calming space with a balance of paved areas for entertaining and softer areas of lawn and planting. The project was completed to a high standard and made a big impact with the customer.p1000475-1


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