Great work from these guys! Really good advice too, they used their expertise to make our job turn out better than we had planned! Highly recommended.

- Alice Snell


Reliable and efficient! Excellent service with great results!

- Lucile Toures


These guys are superb. So far they have laid a new lawn, installed a gate and laid a new patio. They also created a fantastic wooden border down the length of our garden, the space has been completely transformed.

- Anders Bohea


To say that I am a complete amateur when it comes to gardening would be an understatement. I have a basil plant in the kitchen, grown by Sainsbury’s and maintained by me, but that is truly the extent of my gardening prowess. I once grew peas at school but I’m pretty sure they died. 

Rather appropriately, as Sod’s law would have it, I have a GIANT garden in the house I moved into. A giant garden, mostly covered in concrete, bad paving, a patch of unkempt lawn and a hothouse of weeds, nettles and rubble.  It was grim. What plants there were, were overgrown, the paving stones were cracked and dirty  there was no definition of space and weeds had all but taken over the bottom part of the garden.  So I kept my garden activities (hanging the washing) strictly to one area, the horrible concrete patio. 

I’ve mentioned I’m a rubbish gardener. Well, I’m even worse as an artist! Unlike Monet, I couldn’t visualise what the garden could be like, and so I really did need help.  But where do you start?! It was all so overwhelming.  Fed up of knowing it had so much potential but not having a clue how to do anything about it ourselves, mum found Matt’s services online, and we gave him a call.  Luckily, Matt was on hand from the start to send through sketches and ideas to help create a “vision”.  He talked us through what plants and materials would work best, sending through lists of options and useful links to relevant websites which gave us an idea of how the end product might look.  Not long after first calling him, we had picked the materials, Matt had sent through the final designs and we were ready to start the work.

If I’m honest, I was dreading the upheaval.  Although I hated the garden,  I knew that the house would be turned upside down for a month while they cracked on with the job. I fully expected a trail of dirt all through the house, power tools everywhere, mugs left for me to wash up etc. etc. Not so.  Matt and his partner were extremely tidy and very respectful of my house.  Apart from a couple of bits stored neatly in the kitchen, I wouldn’t have known they were there.  They arrived on time every morning, and only stopped working due to bad weather on one occasion. They worked in 30 degree heat (which I found uncomfortable, and I was in an air conditioned office!)… Even my neighbours popped their heads over the fence to comment on what a good job they were doing and they’d noticed how hard they were working.

The garden was completely overhauled. They re-paved the entire patio, built steps to create a new path from front to back, which looks clean and bright, and matches the style of garden. They designed a circular lawn, surrounded with plants which are low maintenance and add an inviting splash of colour.  I water it every evening, and the plants are coming along nicely.  They created a separate area with a diamond in paving stones, surrounded by blue stone chippings and planted up in a Mediterranean style, installed a shed and created a discrete parking area at the very bottom of the garden. (Note to self, learn to drive!)

The price was competitive and the garden came in on time and on budget.  So, if you are looking for a hardworking, committed team who will listen to what you want and need and then turn those vague ideas into reality with minimum fuss and maximum commitment, then this is your team.  I can thoroughly recommend them and the pictures speak for themselves!

- Ms Gallagher


Greg and Matt did an excellent job transforming our garden from a barren concrete square to a beautiful plant filled paved garden. The guys were very friendly, highly professional and helpful every step of the way. They informed us of any changes they had to make to the original plans whilst giving us plenty of options. The end result has transformed the space and it is now a real pleasure to spend time in our garden.

- Alex Baker